Style Guide

How to look fantastic during your photoshoot.

Dress up!

Your photos are going to look the best if you wear something you feel confident in, so that is the most important thing to bear in mind.

With that being said, I do encourage you to leave the flip-flops and t-shirts at home for this shoot and wear something on the dressier side.


Light or muted colors work best! The exceptions are navy blues and browns. Some black is okay, too, but try to use it minimally.

Small pops of color are okay. Bright orange and red in particular are especially challenging, so avoid those except in very small amounts or on the lower half of your body to avoid casting the color onto your face!

If choosing multiple items that are black or white, make sure they are the same shade. For example, one person wearing a true white shirt and one person wearing a slightly yellow-toned white shirt would clash.

Group color coordination

On that note, for couples or families, matching colors are not required, but try to choose a palette that blends together well.

Some color combinations that work well:

  • Navy blue, pastel blue, khaki, white
  • Cream, khaki, muted jewel tones (like an earthy green), brown
  • Any pastel colors with white or khaki

Prints and Patterns

Large prints are okay, like big florals or thick stripes, but avoid busy or small prints like pinstripes or small polka dots, as this can look distorted in the final image.


While I tend to look for somewhat minimalistic styling, some accessories are encouraged, as they can add to the variety of poses we can incorporate.

Some examples would be hats, sunglasses, bags, or even a whimsical prop like a basket of flowers or a book. For more dapper looks, you might also consider a parasol, fan, or suspenders!

Pants with pockets or belt loops, skirts, dresses, jackets, scarves, and ties are also wardrobe items that can lend themselves to more posing options.

Seasonal Style Guide

The same general guidelines in my usual style guide apply, with a few exceptions.

This time of year, clients often enjoy wearing costumes, pajamas, or gaudy sweaters in their photos. I am happy to work with whatever seasonal attire you're excited to wear.

(However, please be aware that veering from my recommendations may result in skin tones being affected, or it may require me to use a different editing style than what is displayed in my portfolio.)

If you don't already have an outfit picked out, see my recommendations below for some ideas.

Fall Color Palettes

We still want to avoid extremely bright colors when possible, but muted tones of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, creams, and browns work well to establish an autumn theme.

Once more, it is best to avoid patterns that are too busy or small. Plaid is a popular print this time of year, and that is usually fine as long as the colors are not too bright or contrasting. Feel free to ask if unsure!

If you are going for a Halloween look, I recommend black for the top half of your body and bright colors like orange for the lower half of your body.

Holiday Color Palettes

Common holiday color schemes include

  • Red and green
  • Blue and silver
  • Black, white, silver, and gold

If using any bright colors, my recommendation is to try to keep those colors in the lower half of your body to avoid casting too much of that color on your face. For example, a red skirt would pair well with a white shirt and green accessories.

If you aren't already set on an outfit, I recommend muted reds, greens, or blues.