Disney Springs

Friday, April 23

The schedule for Disney Springs is as follows. Scroll below that to see examples of the types of images we might be able to capture at each location.

As with any Disney session, crowds and weather may vary, and we will do our best with whatever conditions we have on the day of our shoot!

4:30 Jaleo

4:50 House of Blues

5:10 Airplane Wall

5:30 Fountain below STK

5:50 Town Center

6:10 Raglan Road

6:30 Paddlefish

6:50 Ghiradelli

7:10 Rainforest Cafe


On the side of Jaleo is this bright red tiled wall. After taking pictures in this spot, we can conclude by taking pictures in the nearby waterfront walkway or House of Blues.

House of Blues

We will meet at the back of House of Blues, where this arch can be found. There are several other spots in this area where we can take photos. Phone pics shown below as an example.

Airplane Wall by Balloon

Although we will meet by the balloon, the main backdrop for our photo in this spot will be the nearby building that displays the "Trans-Global Airways" wall. If we have time after getting shots here, we can also venture toward the entrances of Maria & Enzo's and/or The Edison. Phone pics shown below of these spots.

Fountain below STK

We will meet at the brick fountain shown below in phone pictures. After getting pictures in this spot, we will likely have time to move around and take pictures near the AMC or at the brick building that leads into the newer Town Center section of Disney Springs, as pictured in the next section.

Town Center brick building area

We can meet at the brick building entrance on the AMC/Coca-Cola side and go from there. Here are a few examples of the areas we might be able to use in our photos.

Raglan Road

In addition to using the restaurant building as a backdrop, this is also in the vicinity of views with greenery and the springs in the background, as shown in these phone photos.


We will meet by the fountain outside Paddlefish. After taking photos there, we can shoot at areas with generic greenery in the background as well as the bridge with Paddlefish in the background. Phone photos are displayed below with these locations.

Rainforest Cafe

There are many fun settings around this restaurant. Below are phone photos of some of our choices!

Ghiradelli and floral displays

This final session will begin by the Ghiradelli store, and we will also have the option to use some of the lovely plant displays in the area, as seen in the following phone pictures.

See a location that you love?

Go ahead and make your booking now for Dapper Day Friday at Disney Springs!